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Utilizing advanced technology and "out of the box" thinking, Sophos XG Firewalls expose hidden risks, stop zero-day threats and manage exploits. And when combined with the Sophos Endpoint Protection system, Sophos XG Firewalls provide you with the ability to lock out, clean, and reinstate endpoints all remotely and in an instant.


Sophos takes a different approach to stopping threats against your network. Instead of relying solely on lists of malware that it checks against your traffic, Sophos utilizes Deep Learning to determine a files behavior. Then, the firewall compares this behavior to other forms of malware. This has the huge added benefit of incredible protection from zero-day events, ransomeware, cryptojacking, malware, and more!

 Available in physical hardware or virtual models. Also compatible with Azure and AWS.

Available in physical hardware or virtual models. Also compatible with Azure and AWS.

The robust and efficient Control Center gives you incredible visibility of your firewall and network. You'll get real-time status updates on system performance, services and connections. The Reports section gives you detailed reports of data that may be of interest. Additionally, On-Box Reporting gives you in-depth analysis of your firewall without the need for a separate server or device. 

Endpoint Integration

The services of the XG Firewall are expanded on even more once you combine it with Sophos Central Endpoint Protection. Using Synchronized Security combined with Security Heartbeat, XG Firewalls can see all endpoints on the system to better monitor network health, identify infected systems, and isolate them so they cannot damage the network.

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