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Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos Endpoint Protection provides superior guarding against ransomeware, malware, and viruses. Instead of just using a list of know threats, Sophos Endpoint Protection tracks tactics and behaviors, meaning that Sophos catches more Zero-Day threats, and protects you for exploits before you even know they exist. 

And with integration with the Sophos Firewall platform, you can get even greater, faster protection.

Central Endpoint Standard

Central Endpoint Standard provides you with the necessities of endpoint protection. Web Security and Download Reputation are the first lines of defense, preventing malware from even entering your network through web filtering and blocking of known malicious sites.

Anti-Malware File Scanning, Live Protection, and Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) Blocking are the second layer, detection. By scanning traffic and files looking for patterns and behaviors of malicious software, and stopping them before they can cause damage, Sophos Endpoint Protection can keep your network clean and safe. Additionally, Live Protection can "lookup" files in real-time to determine if they are, in fact, known threats. 

Central Endpoint Advanced

When you need extra protection, and need to know you are as safe as possible, Central Endpoint Advanced is where you need to turn to. In addition to all of the great features of Central Endpoint Standard, Central Endpoint Advanced gives you even more tools to protect your organization.

Web Control / Category-based URL Blocking, Peripheral Control, and Application Control give you even more protection by allowing you to fully manage any endpoint on your network. 

Data Loss Prevention will help stop sensitive data from leaving your network. 

Some malware is designed to slip through the cracks of defense by not including all of their malicious code in the initial download, and to get the rest of it after it's installed on a device, Malicious Traffic Detection (MTD), monitors your traffic to shut that down before it starts. 

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Firewall Integration

In addition to all of these great features, Sohpos Central Endpoint can leverage your current Sophos Firewall for ever greater protection! Using Synchronized Security and Security Heartbeat Sophos links your Firewall and Endpoint products to enable you to quickly pinpoint infected devices, isolate them from the network, clean them and reintegrate them.

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