One of the newest services made available by WatchGuard is DNSWatch.  DNSWatch is a cloud-based service that can monitor outbound DNS requests and can use this to block access to malicious content.  DNSWatch focuses on protecting your users against phishing domains and is not dependent on the ports that the connection is made through.

Threat Protection

One of the key features to look for in a firewall is its ability to block zero-day malware.  This type of threat has become such a focus because modern anti-virus and anti-malware solutions are typically unable to stop them.  The primary feature of  a zero-day threat is that it’s unknown, meaning anti-virus and anti-malware solutions don’t yet have a signature for it and therefore can’t stop it. 

WatchGuard Firmware Split

With the recent release of the 12.2 firmware, WatchGuard has implemented a change in how devices will receive upgrades.  With this release, WatchGuard has split their firmware offering based on the model of the firewall.  This is due in large part to the performance requirements of newer feature sets.

WatchGuard IKEv2 with Branch Office VPNs (BOVPNs)

WatchGuard IKEv2 with Branch Office VPNs (BOVPNs)

In our previous article we discussed the newly-available IKEv2 mobile VPN and the benefits of moving your users to this version for remote connection.  If your firewall is running firmware version 11.11.2 or higher, IKEv2 is also available for use in branch office VPNs (BOVPNs).  

Advanced WatchGuard WebBlocker Settings

To fully take advantage of the WatchGuard WebBlocker Signature Subscription, you must configure the service perfectly. This blog post walks you through Advanced configurations for taking full advantage of WatchGuard WebBlocker.

Securing the WatchGuard IPSec VPN Through Policies

In this months entry, we discuss various methods for securing WatchGuard IPSec VPNs through the WatchGuard Policy Manager. We review multiple methods to ensure the Basic Security Suite and Total Security Suite services function through WatchGuard Mobile VPN.