Vulnerability Assessments and Testing
Charlotte, NC - JSCM Group Vulnerability Assessments

Penetration Tests, while necessary and extremely useful, only tell part of the story. Finding out where an attacker could get into a network helps us know where the holes are, but a Vulnerability Assessment tells you what they can do from there. A Vulnerability Assessment from JSCM Group gives you the whole story.

As networks become more complicated, network vulnerabilities grow, it gets more difficult for IT departments to identify weaknesses. JSCM Group works with you to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your network. We analyze the infrastructure in question and providing a prioritized list of discovered vulnerabilities with prioritized risk-rated recommendations to solve the security issues. Our reviews go as deep as required to ensure you have all the information needed to tailor the risk to your environment.



JSCM Group Vulnerability Assessment Process

JSCM Group’s experts have years of experience testing networks for vulnerabilities and provides a detailed report on how hackers can exploit them once they are inside the network.

Our Vulnerability Assessments use experience and best practices to discover and prioritize the real threats to your organization.

JSCM Group will mimic a network user with full access to the operating system and applications to identify vulnerabilities with installed applications, system configurations, or insufficient policies. We also attempt to penetrate your network from the outside as an intruder to test the vulnerability of an exposed network.

Charlotte, NC - JSCM Vulnerability Assessment Deliverables


Once we have finished our Vulnerability Assessment of your network we will provide you with all of our findings. The information we find in our Assessment is considered confidential. It will not be shown to, or discussed with, anyone outside of our organization. The information we find will be presented to you as a: 

  • Report on All Vulnerabilities Found During Testing

  • Presentation on State-of-Security to Management and Executives

  • Remediation Listings for All Identified Weaknesses

  • Threat Scope and Compliance Discussion

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