WatchGuard Training and Certification

WatchGuard Firewall TRAINING  & Certification

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WatchGuard Certified Training Partner

WatchGuard Certified Training Partner

As a WatchGuard Certified Training Provider, we have created a state-of-the-art training facility, and our WatchGuard Firebox Training is best in breed.  Unlike many other training partners, we will never cancel a class if someone registers.  We offer a robust schedule, and have pioneered the virtual WatchGuard training environment.  Our training facility is located in Charlotte, NC, but we also offer classes across the United States on a monthly basis.

Getting you trained and up-to-speed on the latest WatchGuard knowledge is our priority.  We go beyond what any course material can provide, and make sure to include real-life scenarios to help you get a good grasp on your WatchGuard firewall management.  At the end of our class, we guarantee that you will have increased your comfort and knowledge levels with managing your WatchGuard Firebox device and the risks you face such as hackers, Denial-of-Service Attacks, Ransomware, and future attacks.   At the conclusion, you will have gained the knowledge to be prepared for the WatchGuard Certification exam.

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Madison is the MOST PERFECT course instructor that I have had the pleasure listening to. She is very well paced and easy to follow! Keep up the GREAT WORK Madison!! Thank You!!!!!!
— Recent Student

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Education, Government, Military, and Not-for-Profit

Custom Onsite Training Available

Fireware Essentials
(Formerly Fireware Plus)
Updated With New Network Security Essentials Content

Duration: 4 Days

Location: Onsite, In-Person, or Virtual Training
Prerequisites: Networking Background

If you are looking to know it all, this is the full class. We teach this over 4 days to get you all the information and put you on the road to a faster more secure network.

Class Summary:

  • WatchGuard Firebox and XTM Configuration and Installation

  • WatchGuard System Manager and Web Interface Management

  • Firmware Upgrades and Device Backups

  • Feature Key Licensing

  • Configuration Migration

  • Network Configuration and Interface Setup

  • IPv6 Configuration

  • VLAN Configuration

  • Multi-WAN Methods - Round Robin, Failover, Routing Table and Interface Overflow

  • SD-WAN Setup and Configuration

  • Link Monitoring

  • Networking and NAT Methods (Network Address Translation)

  • Default Threat Protection

  • Firebox System Manager and Hostwatch Traffic Monitoring

  • Traffic Logging and Analysis

  • Policy Precedence

  • Packet Filter Policies

  • Proxy Policies - HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SMTP, FTP and TCP-UDP

  • Deep Packet Inspection over HTTPS

  • Web Traffic and WebBlocker Policy Implementation

  • Subscription Services

  • Access Portal

  • Application Control

  • APT Blocker

  • Authpoint MFA

  • Botnet Detection

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • DNSWatch

  • Gateway Antivirus (GAV)

  • Geolocation

  • IntelligentAV (Cylance)

  • Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

  • Network Discovery

  • Reputation Enabled Defense (RED)

  • spamBlocker

  • Threat Detection and Response (TDR)

  • Manual Branch Office VPN Configuration (BOVPN)

  • Virtual Branch Office VPN Configuration

  • Traffic Management

  • Mobile User VPNs - IKEv2, SSL, L2TP, IPSec

  • Firebox Authentication

  • Active Directory Authentication and Single-Sign On (SSO)

  • WatchGuard Dimension and Dimension Command

  • Cloud Visibility (Cloud Dimension)

  • High Availability/Cluster Configuration (Active/Active and Active/Passive)

  • WatchGuard Management Server (Centralized Management)

  • Dynamic Routing and Static Routes

  • Drag-and-Drop VPNs (Managed VPNs)

  • Support and Troubleshooting

Note: The WatchGuard Fireware Essentials Technical Certification exam is based on this material.

Cost: $2,800


Virtual Training

Along with in-person training, we offer a seamless virtual WatchGuard training environment, in which you get the full experience, just like you were sitting in a classroom.  The virtual option is offered for all classes in order to accommodate all of our student’s needs.  With the virtual experience, you can still interact with the instructor, just as if you were sitting in the physical classroom.  Each student is set up with their own WatchGuard firewall and Windows environment.  The only requirement for our virtual training is that you have the ability to access a remote desktop.

Custom On-Site Training

It’s often not easy, or even possible, to get your entire team away from the office for a week of training.  With the time away from the office, plus the expense of travel, the idea of formal training can be too much for many organizations.  Often times the decision is made to just not have the staff formerly trained, leading to extended troubleshooting time and costs.

Let us make it easy on you.  With our custom on-site training offering, we will come to you.  We charge a flat rate with no additional travel fees, so you know exactly what it will cost.  Our WatchGuard Certified Trainer will travel to your location to train your staff, just as if you were sitting in our training facility.  We also provide the lab environment to ensure a seamless training experience.  In the end, you can rest easy knowing your staff will be better suited to maintain your WatchGuard device in a more secure manner.