Penetration Testing

Identify network security weaknesses before they are exploited by criminals.

Charlotte, NC - Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing - Charlotte, NC

A Penetration Test (Pen Test) involves simulating the effects of a hacker attempting to break into your network. The problem with most other tests is that they are pre-built software programs, designed to run against your network. However, hackers aren’t software! The software solution can in no way properly simulate how a human being will try to enter your network and damage or steal your information. Since you need an unbiased, honest look at your network, you still need to find an outside organization to test your security.

JSCM Group provides the best penetration testing service because we go beyond the capabilities of tools, scans, and apps. We apply critical thinking and creativity, to pinpoint misconfigurations in your network to show the security impact on your business. We can also determine whether sufficient encryption is employed and whether a piece of software contains any backdoors through hard-coded user names or passwords. 


Penetration Testing Process

JSCM Group Penetration Testing Process

A Penetration Test determines if it is possible to gather information off your network from an outside source. Penetration Tests are done from a standpoint of having no information aside for the external IP addresses in use by an organization. 

To pinpoint the security of your network under an outside attack, we will: 

  • Perform Penetration Tests at all offices

  • Launch a controller attack against network to test for weaknesses

  • Scan network for private information in the wild

  • Perform aggressive scans of firewalls and remote access

  • Perform an attack against network and known vulnerabilities

  • Perform a penetration test against cloud service provider for open access

  • Perform a vulnerability scan against your cloud provider

  • Test up to 10 IP Addresses



Charlotte, NC - Deliverables, Penetration Test

Once we have finished our Penetration Testing of your network, we will provide you with all of our findings. The information we find in our Pen Test is considered confidential. It will not be shown to, or discussed with, anyone outside of our organization.

The information we find will be presented to you as a: 

  • Report on All Items Found During Testing

  • Presentation on State-of-Security to Management and Executives

  • Remediation Listings for All Identified Weaknesses

  • Threat Scope and Compliance Discussion




To learn more about our Penetration Testing methods or pricing, you can contact us today!