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Most phishing attacks are about getting money out of an organization, these attacks are known as Business Email Compromise. Recently the FBI arrested one ring of 74 BEC criminals. This is a growing issue.  BEC is when people modify wire instructions you send to your clients to direct money through their accounts.  Your email, or your clients email, accounts are hijacked.  This is a sophisticated attack. Account Takeover (ATO) is a $5 Billion industry and increasing annually. How your organization responds to a phishing attack will determine if these attacks will be successful.

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There are a number of possible objectives in any phishing attack.  Sometimes they want to get software installed in order to gather account username or passwords.  Maybe they want to just get an organization to send money.  Sometimes, they are targeting a specific user or intellectual property. Whatever the objective, you have risk.  How your users respond will determine the results.

Most Phishing Tests are done by an automated program sending out a pre-scripted message to your users. However, the most dangerous Phishing Scams are those done by a human being interacting with the target. Automated tests fail to truly show you how vulnerable your users are to a Phishing Attack. Because of this, we’ve designed our tests using a human operator that can interact with, and better test your users.

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Test Your Vulnerability

We will perform a comprehensive test in your organization to determine what may happen in the event of a real attack.  Our trained experts create a tailored test specifically designed for your organization to properly test your concerns.  We will simulate a real attack and present you with result in an easy to understand manner.

The reports are also generated in an executive level format that will show the possible financial implications of a real world attack.  The data will be actionable and you can take immediate steps to mitigate the risks.

This process is confidential and secure.  Your company name will never be shared or made public.


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