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Every company is a potential target and no one is safe from the reaches of cyber criminals. While it is important to ensure that the structure of your business is safe, it is often contradicting if your business lacks a proper network.

Business owners tend to overlook the security of their network, and with the increasing use of technology, cyber-attacks are rapidly becoming more common than physical.
A successful data breach can have severe consequences including loss of critical data, heavy fines and a damaged reputation. We believe that a network built by our experts and understood by our clients delivers the most secure and practical network.

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Charlotte, NC - Phishing Test

Social Engineering

Phishing attacks can cause significant damage to a network by exploiting social vulnerabilities to gather data on the organization’s confidential information. An even bigger threat with phishing is a “Spear Phishing” attack.  With this tactic, an attacker will specifically target an individual or organization. To ensure that your network is safe from such an attack, we will simulate a spear phishing attack against your organization. 

A Voice Phishing, or Vishing Attack, is similar to a Phishing Attack in that it is targeting specific users in an organization to steal money or information. Our testers will work directly with you to create a list of users to target and to develop a script or scenario that we will perform to attempt to gather information from the user. 


Charlotte, NC - Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration Tests are done from a standpoint of having no information aside for the external IP addresses in use by an organization. JSCM Group provides the best penetration testing service because we go beyond the capabilities of tools, scans, and apps. We apply critical thinking and creativity, to pinpoint misconfigurations in your network to show the security impact on your business. We perform aggressive test of firewalls, remote access, cloud service provider and much more.


JSCM Group - Security Audits

Security Audits

An audit done by an internal team can lead to biased results, and clouded judgments. As part of our mission to help you achieve your goals, we customize each and every audit to best suit the needs of the individual organization. We focus on your goals and needs first, before we run even a single test. After we determine your needs, we tailor our tests and methods around your goals.


JSCM Group Security Assessment Services

Security Assessments

Our Security Assessment service dives deep into your network, looking at all aspects of security to determine and highlight potential risks. Taking a holistic approach, we build each test to take into account all aspects of your network. From the hardware and software itself, to the business process and social engineering, we dive deep into every factor that contributes to keep your clients, your employees, and yourself protected.


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Vulnerability Assessments

JSCM Group works with you to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your network. We analyze the infrastructure in question and providing a prioritized list of discovered vulnerabilities with prioritized risk-rated recommendations to solve the security issues. Our review digs as deep as required to ensure you have all the information needed to tailor the risk to your environment.


What sets our cyber security testing apart


JSCM Group cyber security testing - human element

Software solutions can in no way properly simulate how a human being will try to enter your network and damage or steal your information. Our senior level cybersecurity experts maintain the most current certifications in security threat expertise.



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