Cyber Security Testing - Charlotte, NC

Cyber Security Testing - Charlotte, NC


We take a holistic approach to security. Before we ever start any security audit or assessment project, we take time to understand the business, but not just from the IT perspective.  We need to understand the business side of things first.  What is important to the owner, and to parties concerned? Once we have established those items we check alignment around them, not the other way around. You’ll have a hard time finding another security assessment that does this.

On the security side, we look for holes and remediate the weaknesses. Then, we test repeatedly until we garner the desired result. The world has defined IT Security Consulting as being comprised of a breadth of services from managing individual user accesses to securing servers and firewalls. At JSCM Group, we define an IT Security Consultant as a skilled professional who uses knowledge of the IT industry to help clients make the best decisions for streamlining operations and enhancing overall company profitability.


What Sets Us Apart

  • Holistic Approach
  • The Human Element
  • Experience

Think of it this way: Would you have your internal bookkeeper perform an audit of your taxes? Of course not.  You would hire an outside professional who is specialized in accounting. Business often take an approach that IT has it all covered. Why is that? They don't own the company, they don't own the assets, and they will not be liable if someone hacks in and steals client information. The core information of business is never tested for security.

Using an outside security firm as your partner, you get above the day-to-day IT operations, allowing you to gain a new perspective on your operations.  We work with your IT staff from a higher level and help them secure your information and assets. We check what has been done and offer consultative advice on the remediation. And we keep checking.  Because what works today may not tomorrow.  We will never let you go idle and fall behind.



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