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We believe in Protecting your Most IMportant AsseTS

When an organization is attacked and information is stolen, it’s not just the data that has been lost.  It is the feeling of security.  Names, addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers; all of the things that identify us as individuals.  When that information is lost, it’s our users that suffer the most. 

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Started over 15 years ago, JSCM Group has grown into a trans-national organization that leads the industry in protecting the single most valuable asset any company has: its people.  JSCM Group offers security services, platforms, management solutions and training programs critical for avoiding, detecting and defending against those damaging events that can cripple any organization and the people that support it.

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Unlike many security consulting firms that use subcontractors or simply sell you “security in a box,” we tailor our product specifically to your organization.  We know that one solution doesn’t fit all.  Whether you are a regional corporation with a single location or a multi-site organization, we will design a solution to fit your specific needs.  We take the time to understand who you are, what you do, who your stakeholders are, and what your customers and clients need.  Our detailed approach is what sets us apart.

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A wide variety
of services

Once we understand the needs of your business, we work to determine your specific needs in regards to information security, and what is going to work best for you.  From testing and audits to security management solutions and training, you’ll find that we offer a wide variety of services designed to complement your day-to-day IT operations.  In the end you are left with a service that works seamlessly with your environment to help you monitor, address and prevent threats against your organization.

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Security As a Way of Life

Based on the understanding of your business and your operational needs, JSCM Group offers a comprehensive assortment of testing methods to determine weaknesses and vulnerabilities to your current network.  Many IT service providers, including many so-called MSP’s, say they do security.  These organizations use this as a method to get more business, but do not practice it on a day-to-day level, even inside of their own company.  As a non-biased, expert third-party, we can provide an accurate and more thorough view of your specific security exposures and risks.

We use all of the same tools and restrictions that we recommend to our clients.  We get ourselves tested by an outside party, just like we recommend to our clients. Security for us is a way of life, not a word to throw around in an attempt to get business.  We stand behind our practice and will be there with you through every step of the way.

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“83% of the employees at a managed services provider willingly gave up private data during a routine phishing test. Including the head of their IT services division.“

— JSCM Group Research Data
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Tailored Solutions Delivered Now

When your company or organization needs help, it’s more likely needed sooner rather than later.  We understand.  So you can count on JSCM Group to be there for you, whenever you need it.  Because we place tremendous value on our client relationships, we will never ask you to conform to a long waiting list.  We’ll work on your schedule.

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Our unique process includes:

  • Determination of Needs

  • Definition of Expectations

  • Point-of-Contact Assigned

  • Signed Engagement Agreement

  • Timeline for Deliverables

  • Implementation of Service(s)


In addition to outlining a detailed timeline and meeting specific dates for all deliverables, the dedicated point-of-contact for your project will help guide you step-by-step through the process and ensure your thorough understanding of the scope of our work.

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Ready to get started?
Count on us being ready when you are.

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