ClosedPort: Email On Boarding

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Welcome to the ClosedPort: Email Service!

Thank you for joining ClosedPort: Email! We are excited to add you to our email protection service. We have a few things to do before we can get you switched over, but plan to make this an easy transition for you and your users.

Before we start, we first need to know a few things. Please reference the items below, and provide us as much information as you can. Once we receive this information, we will begin the initial setup process to get you switched over to ClosedPort: Email.

If you have any questions while filling out this form, please contact your account manager.

Company Information
Enter your legal company name.
Enter the name of the primary technical contact for this project.
Domain Information
List out each email domain, one per line, that you will be sending and receiving email for with this service.
Example: or
Type of Email Server in Use *
What type of email service are you using for these domains?
What make of firewall is in use at your office?
Administrative Access
We can set up administrative access for managing your ClosedPort: Email account. Please provide the name and email address of anyone you would like us to provide this role to.
Enter the name of primary administrator. Use your name and email if you are the primary. This is a required field.
Enter the email address of the primary administrator.
Administrator 1 Emergency Contact Number *
Administrator 1 Emergency Contact Number
Alert Contact Information
Please select the contact(s) who you would like us to contact in the event we need to alert you to any updates or issues with your ClosedPort: Email. Alerts include outages, SPAM issues, and policy violations.
Select the Administrators *
A secondary email is requested in the event we need to send an email alert and your primary domain is unreachable.
Enter the email address, such as a support address, you would like alerted when an issue arrises.
Optional Services
There are a few optional configurations available to you once you are set up on ClosedPort: Email. If you would like any of these settings configured at no extra charge, please fill out the requested information below. Once we have received this information, we will start the configuration of these optional services.
LDAP for Email Verification *
We can additionally enable LDAP verification to check for valid recipients before sending email through the server. This ensures the email addresses are valid before forwarding them on to your email server. Please select if you would like this enabled for your account.
Outbound Email Security *
For compliance, you need to scan all outbound email for security risks and data loss. Our system can handle this for you to help you meet compliance. If you would like outbound email to pass through ClosedPort:Email, please note your request below. If you select Yes, we will provide you with further information for configuration on your email server.
Email Encryption *
In order to securely send email that contains confidential data, the email needs to be encrypted. We can enable branded email encryption for you at no additional charge. Please Note: Encryption is only available if you are filtering outbound email through ClosedPort: Email.
Spoof Protection *
Spoof Protection can be enabled on your account to reduce the amount of email phishing messages that may be received by your users from someone pretending to be an internal employee.
Terms & Conditions *
By clicking Submit Form below, I confirm that JSCM Group has permission to use the information listed to add my email domain(s) into their ClosedPort: Email system. Additionally, I acknowledge that I accept the terms and conditions of the JSCM Group SLA agreement which can be found here.