Security Pyramid Book Released

We have released our first cybersecurity book, Security Pyramid.

You will be hacked.  Your company data will be stolen.  Malware is resident on your network right now, and you can’t see it.  You can’t see it because modern day bad actors don’t make themselves known.  This is why the largest organization in the world don’t detect the data breach for months or years.

IT has tremendous demands on them to provide accessibility to information while maintaining a secure environment.   The largest companies in the world are losing data to cyber criminals.  

In a cybersecurity test conducted by JSCM Group, they found that 84% of IT professionals fall victim to a phishing attack.  If IT personnel aren’t prepared, companies certainly are not.

This book aims to give organizations a plan to build a secure business that can detect and respond to a cyber attack, delivered in a direct and succinct fashion, utilizing the time-tested design of a pyramid.  This book covers what IT must do, what the organizations must do at the management level, and how to verify it will work when needed.

Cybersecurity isn’t just about what IT must do, it is about the organizations responsibility as a whole.