Protect Yourself

A few months ago I was sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting for my flight to start boarding.  As is common in crowded areas, especially airports, you tend to pick up on the conversations going on around you, even without meaning to.  Sitting about 15 feet across from me was a young woman with her grandmother and mother.  Through the course of their conversation I heard her talking about her upcoming wedding.  A little while later she pulled out her phone and made a call to one of her wedding vendors.  She had to pay for their service, and so she gave her credit card number over the phone.  I heard every single digit, as I'm sure did everyone around us.  

The thing is, this woman thought nothing of it.  She was very obviously excited about her upcoming nuptials and had a hundred other things on her mind.  The sad thing is, that could have very easily turned one of the happiest times of her life into one of the most devastating.  All someone had to do was jot the number down and they could have gone on a spending spree.

When it comes to security, it isn't just about our computers.  Our lives are so intertwined with technology at this point, whether it be through our smart phones, tablets, or even our bank cards.  We have to always be aware of the dangers.  Unfortunately, there are people around us that don't always act with the best of intentions, so it's up to us to make sure we are protecting ourselves.