Attacks of All Sizes

The news media as well as people I talk with usually focus on the large scale attacks.  They are aware from the news that Home Depot, Target, and P.F. Changs were breached and credit card data is at risk.  These attacks are great to make public to raise public awareness, although as I previous wrote about does little to change behavior. What people often don't think about is the fact that your local hardware store, grocery, and Chinese restaurant are not necessarily safe.  They could also be the target of a smaller scale attack.  They are just too small to be discussed on Fox news and CNBC.  Attacks on these size businesses often go unreported and not documented.

So my question for any organization out there, did you spend more money on security than Home Depot, Target, or P.F. Changs?  Why would you be safe and not them?  The malware used for these larger attacks was tested somewhere on a small scale first.