Disney and Fingerprints

I have written on this topic before but after fresh from a week in Orlando it has renewed my aggravation. While attempting to enter Disney World this week we were once again asked for our fingerprints. We refused of course but while entering one park we were told we could not enter without giving up our fingerprint. Only after a supervisor heard this did they let us in.

Do they not realize that our fingerprints are our identity? The only thing in this world that is all mine. Names, social security numbers, addresses, credit cards can all be changed. But not my DNA, I am stuck with it. Why would I want to turn that over. Newsflash, Disney security is not safe. No company is 100% secure and the fact that they even ask for this information bothers me. They are asking us to trust them with our identity. Here is a brief flow chart of how they want the transaction to enter Disney works to better demonstrate this.

Step 1 - Tickets Purchased at Gate with Credit Card - They now have my name, credit card, CVV code, and zip code. Step 2 - Enter Park - Disney employee asks for my ticket that I purchased in step one then asks for my fingerprint to tie it to my ticket in a database. Step 3 - Tie Ticket to Mobile App on Phone

These two steps take about 5 minutes from start to finish. Here is what Disney now has on me:

1. Name 2. Zip Code 3. Credit Card 4. Strip Data 5. CVV Code 6. Fingerprint 7. Mobile Phone Access

This is just absurd. Many unsuspecting tourists perform this same routine daily. I am afraid one day I will read Kreb's one morning and hear that this database has been stolen. Can you imagine the fallout on that one?