5 Year Old Finds Security Hole

One of my favorite security stories last week was that a 5 year old was able to get past his father's Xbox login. All he did was hit a bunch of spaces and was able to get past the login and into his dad's account. Microsoft has credited him with finding this vulnerability, although it was no form of hacking wizardry. I have kids myself and their simple solutions and basic questions can break a problem down into the simplest form. Kids are perfect for this. Their minds work in a way we as adults often don't understand.

This leads to wonder, are businesses over complicating their security? Are they putting off new security initiatives because of a fear of change or disrupting business? Sometimes inaction is the most powerful action, because it leads to more problems.

Step back, look at your security initiatives from a new perspective. What are you doing and where. Where are the holes. Where are you weakest. Then build a plan to correct. And start making your business more secure.