The Identity/Fingerprint Database and Vacation

I just returned from a week in Orlando, Florida with my kids.  We make this trip every July and I think it is the first time when it was cooler there than here. As with millions of others we went to two of the area theme parks.  And with every one when you go through the gate and scan your ticket they want a copy of your fingerprint.  Furthermore, they want a copy of my kids’ fingerprints.  I really don’t think people realize what they are doing.  Everyone around us blindly placed their finger on the scanner and proceeded inside for a day of fun not realizing what they have just done to themselves or their kids.

There is absolutely no reason to do this.  I just refuse for my kids and myself.  They then ask to see an ID and away you go.  This fingerprint request is by no means a requirement.  It is just the parks trying to streamline entrance and exits.  Here is a brief timeline of events of what people just did when going to a park.

  1. You walk up and request tickets.
  2. You pay for them with your credit card (Name and Credit Card Number)
  3. They Print Tickets (Ticket Info Tied to Name and Credit Card in Database)
  4. You Enter Park and Scan Ticket then Fingerprint (Park now has name, credit card, and fingerprint data)

I am not trying to imply wrong doing on the part of parks.  But I do not believe for a second that these systems are secure.  If defense and critical systems can be hacked so can the theme park database.  This data would be a treasure trove of information for a thief.  I think I need to get some vendors to sponsor a billboard with me outside these parks that says "Don't Scan Your Finger".

You can replace your credit cards if stolen.  You will get your money back.  What about your fingerprint?