JSCM Group Solves Major WatchGuard Issue

Currently there is a limitation in WatchGuard XTM devices and WatchGuard Management Server that prevents centralized Proxy and WebBlocker policies if you are using them in conjunction with Active Directory authentication and Single Sign On.  This prevents companies from having tighter security while reducing management. So here is an example.  Let’s say a company has 8 WebBlocker Policies and 100 sites.  If they want to integrate those policies with Active Directory and Single Sign On they can do that on each appliance but not centrally.  But what if a change needs to be made or an exception added?  They would need to make 800 changes.  The error rate would be high and the margin of error is huge.

Today I am very excited to announce that we have solved this hurdle in WatchGuard XTM and WatchGuard Server Center management.  After extensive research and testing, we have successfully centralized Proxy and WebBlocker policies while integrating them into Active Directory.   

Using the same scenario as above we take those changes from 800 down to 8.  So if someone had 10,000 sites they would still only make 8 changes.  All while maintaining centralized control.  The cost savings are tremendous.  By using our solution we can save companies thousands or even millions.  Additional savings can also be achieved by not purchasing higher priced solutions.

Our solution eliminates the margin of error, improves productivity, increases employee and client satisfaction, and saves companies a lot of money.

Contact us via our Website www.jstengel.net or 704-464-4468 if you would like more information or to discuss how we can solve your network security hurdles.