Employee Monitoring

When discussing employee productivity the conversation can go one of two very different ways.  Much like politics most people have a side that they fall into. I fall strongly on the side of the pro category.  I do not distrust my employees.  What I am concerned about is protecting the company and all of its employees.  If I were to make a bad hire, and we all have, and this problem employee was violating policy or procedure we need to be able to act on it.

Most people do not understand the risks employers have regarding protecting information.  That doesn’t mean they are bad people, they are most likely very good at what they do and just have never considered the other side.

We have an obligation to create procedures and policies to protect our clients, employees, and partners.  Not building these into your culture is more damaging than many would have guessed.  Taking the time to explain and train the employees on the why will educate them and they will understand.  People just don’t like to be surprised, that leads to feeling violated personally.

Ask Rite-Aid what happens when employees don’t follow procedures.  Did the employees all chip in to cover the $1 Million fine?