The Cost of Inaction

Think about these questions in the context of inaction: What if you don’t renew your auto insurance?

What if you don’t lock your car and leave a laptop on the seat?

What if you eat at that restaurant with the failing health score?

What if you don’t train your employees on the new MRI machines you just purchased?

What if your employees never call back customers?

What if you don’t secure your email until after the audit?

What if you don’t worry about patient confidentiality until after a lawsuit is filed?

Not doing something pro-actively is actually more costly than being doing it ahead of time.  Diligence is paramount in any organization.  Too often I see concerns over money up front cause a project to fail.  More money is then spent on the backend to fix the mistakes with the original install.

Assess, train, and happen to something.  Don’t wait for it to happen to you.