How to Get WatchGuard certified

What certifications does WatchGuard offer?

Currently WatchGuard offers four certifications.  Once the Essentials certification is obtained, students can register for the competency certification exams.

WatchGuard Essentials Technical Certification

Competency Exams:

  • Firewall Policies
  • Network and Traffic Management
  • Wireless

Certifications are valid for two years from the time you pass the exam.  You will need to get re-certified after that.

While a WatchGuard Training Class is not required, a class is needed to fully understand the firewall product.  We offer classes on a regular basis throughout the country.  You can check the current schedule here.

Step 1: Take a Practice Exam

Step 2: Register for Your exam

WatchGuard offers their testing through Kryterion testing centers. They have testing centers all across the globe, and even the option for online proctoring! So if you're too far from a center, you can still take your certification exam.

While we cannot administer the tests directly ourselves, our staff is on hand to help you with whatever registration questions you have, and give you guidance on the tests you need to register for and how to study.


What version of the WatchGuard firewall does the certification apply to?  The WatchGuard certification test is based on the recent major version of the Firmware OS.  As long as a firewall is capable of running the latest firmware the knowledge you garner forms he test will work with your firewall.

What is the cost of the WatchGuard Certification Test?  The WatchGuard Firmware Essentials Certification exam costs $200 to take.  The technical competency exams cost $100 per test.  You can retake the exams for $100 each if needed.

Is there a WatchGuard certification course I can take?  Yes, although not required to take the exam.  WatchGuard offered Certified Training courses through their training partners.  You can find a current schedule for the United States here.  Once you complete the full course you will be prepared for any of the WatchGuard certification exams.