WatchGuard Wireless Competency Practice Exam

This WatchGuard Fireware Advanced practice test is designed to prepare you for the WatchGuard Wireless competency exam.

How many SSIDs can be configured per radio? *
True or False: You can monitor the status of AP devices through Policy Manager. *
Which security mode is set by default? *
True or False: WPA and WPA2 support two types of authentication. *
True or False: Radio settings can be set individually per access point *
If you want to pair a new access point, you will see it listed in: *
All but which of the following are NOT supported on locally managed AP120 / AP320 / AP322 devices? *
If a DHCP server is not available, the AP 100, 102, 200 and 300 devices will get which default IP address? *
What is the default password used to managed a WatchGuard AP? *
Which of the following is NOT required if you want to enable VLAN tagging for AP device SSIDs? *
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