WatchGuard Network and Traffic Management Practice Exam


This WatchGuard Fireware Advanced practice test is designed to prepare you for the WatchGuard Network and Traffic Management competency exam.

For each VLAN interface, how many untagged networks can you have? *
True or False: You can use the same VLAN ID for multiple VLANs on your firewall. *
What are the benefits of Link Aggregation? Select all that apply. *
When setting up Traffic Management on your firewall, what is the order of actions that it will be applied? *
Which Multi-WAN method allows you to set weights on the interfaces? *
True or False: When setting up a static route, a lower metric means a lower precedence. *
When setting up a Firecluster, what requirements must you follow? Select all that apply. *
What is the purpose of the cluster interface? *
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