WatchGuard Firewall Training FAQ

WatchGuard Firewall Training Questions

WatchGuard Firewall Training Questions

Q. Do you have any classes that are virtual? - Yes! In fact, all of our Fireware Training classes have an option for a live virtual class! These classes are taught live in conjunction with our in-person students.  You will have real time access to an instructor and other students.  When you go to register for your class, all you’ll need to do is select “virtual” from the drop down. Virtual students have access to a Virtual Firebox, a live feed of the instructors computer, as well as a phone conference line with the instructor and other students. It’s exactly like being present in the room, except you can be anywhere in the world!


Q. Are the classes updated on a regular basis? - Absolutely!  We never preprint material or use old information.  Each class will get the latest training information and topics.  We update the class weekly as needed to include all of the features of the latest firmware.

Q. What if the topic I want isn’t covered? - If there’s a topic that you are not seeing listed out for our WatchGuard classes, first thing to do is ask if it’s covered! We’re always adding to and adapting our content to fit our students needs. If the topic is not normally covered by the WatchGuard Fireware Training course material, we can see if we can work it in, or we’ll spend some time with you after normal class times to go over any topics.


Q. Does this WatchGuard Course cover the material to become WatchGuard certified? - Absolutely!  The essentials class covers the material to become a WatchGuard Certified Professional.  Our advanced and Plus classes cover the material to get certified in a WatchGuard specialization.  Please see our Certification page for information on how the WatchGuard certification process works.


Q. What is the location of the classes? - The location for our Charlotte class is always at our corporate training center.  For classes in other cities, these will vary based on the city.  Please contact us for specific location information.


Q. Does the WatchGuard firewall training also cover the WatchGuard wireless products? - The firewall classes are separate form the wireless classes as the products are very different.  You can find information on the wireless classes here.