WatchGuard Firewall Management FAQ

WatchGuard Firewall Management Questions

Q. Would you be able to look at my policies and make changes? - Absolutely! It’s one of the primary functions of the Firewall Management service. However, we do not make any major changes without your permission first. It’s still your device, and it should do what you want.

Q. Can I still access my firewall if it’s under your management? - Of course! Even though we are managing the firewall policies, subscriptions, and Signature Services for your WatchGuard firewall, it is still your device. You retain full access to the Firewall, and all of its features.

Q. Will you make any major changes before letting me know? - Never. JSCM Group will never make any major change to your WatchGuard firewall without your direct permission first.


Q. What model firewall does your WatchGuard Management work on? - Our WatchGuard management works on any WatchGuard firewall device (E-Series, XTM, Firebox, T-Series, M Series etc).


Q. Do I still need an internal Dimension server if we use this service? - That is completely up to you. You can continue to use your internal server if you prefer, for example if you have compliance or regulation concerns, or you can utilize ours in our secure data center.


Q. Do you have an SLA? - Yes, we will provide you with our service level agreement (SLA) once we begin the engagement process.  Our firewall management team is on call 24 hours a day and will handle emergency issues as needed in a 15 minute response time.


Q. If we use you for firewall management, can you also help us with renewal and new devices? - Yes, our sales team can assist with any renewals and replacement devices if you want to work with us.  We are the top WatchGuard partner in the world and will give you the most aggressive pricing on the market.