WatchGuard Essentials Practice Exam


What are the three components of the WatchGuard System Manager software? *
Which of the following do you need to ensure you have when initially activating your firewall? Choose all that apply. *
Which account do you need to log into your WatchGuard firewall through WatchGuard System Manager? *
True or False: A Feature Key can be migrated between devices. *
What are the four types of network interfaces you can configure on your firewall? *
True or False: There are three modes you can operate your firewall under: Mixed Routing, Bridged and Drop-In. Bridged mode is the default selection. *
What can you view directly through Firebox System Manager? Select all that apply. *
True or False: Through Firebox System Manager, you can run the TCP Dump command. *
What is the purpose of Static NAT? *
True or False: In order to enable NAT Loopback on your firewall, you have to configure this under the Dynamic NAT settings. *
When you see the log “Unhandled Internal Packet,” what does this mean? *
Which of the following services utilize firewall-based Intrusion Prevention Services? Select all that apply. *
True or False: Policy precedence is most often determined by the alphabetical order of policy names. *
In order to review the traffic that passes over you HTTP policy, what do you need to make sure to do first? *
True or False: A packet filter is the most secure way to pass traffic through your firewall. *
Which format would you use to block an executable file from being uploaded through FTP? *
When adding a WebBlocker exception for **, which sites would be allowed? Select all that apply. *
True or False: APT Blocker requires that Gateway Antivirus be enabled. *
When implementing authentication, which service can you utilize? Pick all that apply. *
When going through the initial Dimension installation, what must you make sure to do? Pick all that apply. *
True or False: In order for a Branch Office VPN to be built the Tunnel must be established first. *
When setting up an IPSec Mobile VPN, what must you make sure to configure? *
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