WatchGuard Cloud Visibility

WatchGuard has recently released Cloud Visibility.  This function provides cloud-based logging and reporting for T-series, M-series, FireboxV and Firebox Cloud devices running firmware version 12.0 or higher.  Cloud Visibility is designed to use the firewall’s log messages to create over 100 dashboards and reports.

NOTE: If you are running a Firecluster, you must be operating on at least version 12.4

Logging Retention

Logging retention is based on your license:

  • Basic Security Suite: 24 hours

  • Total Security Suite: 30 days

Additional retention time can be purchased if desired, or if you are required to hold more data due to rules or regulations.

What About Dimension?

Cloud Visibility can act as either an additional logging or reporting tool, or can replace your instance of on-premise Dimension.  Your firewall is capable of logging to both locations ,depending on your preference.

Setting Up Firewall in the Cloud Portal

1. Log into your account.  Select My WatchGuard > WatchGuard Cloud

2. Select Add Device

WatchGuard Cloud Portal Dashboard image

3. Click on the device you want to add

WatchGuard Add Device Screen Shot

4. Select Add Device

Add Device Screen Shot

5. Copy the code that is generated

WatchGuard Cloud Visibility Verification

Setting Up Firewall in Policy Manager

1. Before performing any further steps, make sure the feature key on the firewall has been updated.

2. Go to Setup > WatchGuard Cloud

3. Check the box to enable the WatchGuard Cloud service

Enable WatchGuard Cloud check box

4. Save the policy to the firewall

5. When prompted, input the code copied from the Cloud portal


6. Check in the Cloud portal to make sure the device has checked in

WatchGuard Cloud Portal