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You want to take every step possible when it comes to the protection of your business. You buy the most durable locks and install the most up-to date security systems. While it is important to ensure that the structure of your business is safe, it is often contradicting if your business lacks a proper network.

Business owners tend to overlook the security of their network, and with the increasing use of technology, cyber-attacks are rapidly becoming more common than physical. One unsecure network can cause devastating results; even the potential closure of a business. 


What Sets Us Apart

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Individual Approach

JSCM Group exists to defend the future growth and success of your business. We specialize in Cyber Security and are equipped with a dedicated team of experts. Because JSCM Group takes the time to understand the goals and needs of your business, we are able to create a secure plan tailored specially for you! Working with JSCM Group truly seperates your business from the rest, setting you apart. We vow to never fit our clients into a standardized plan, in order to suit our own purposes. You’ll have a hard time finding another Cyber Security Firm that prides itself in creating individual assessments for every single one of their clients.

Expert Level Knowledge

Because of our expert’s experience and unique problem-solving approach, they hold real-world knowledge from every aspect of Cyber Security. Whether they are working with you and your team on-site or off, our experts strive to deliver quality work by building partnerships. We believe that a network built by our experts and understood by our clients delivers the most secure and practical network.

Quality Service

At JSCM Group, we maintain quality service by working in an environment built for personal growth. Every single time one of our experts works with a client, they strive to deliver the best service possible by maintaining a professional and humble approach. We aim to mitigate the risks that your company currently has, working to eventually develop a bullet-proof plan. JSCM Group dedicates our time to protecting all those in need from cyber-attacks.


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