Sopho XG Firewall Firmware Upgrade


In order to stay on top of your security, you must upgrade your firmware. Before we begin, there are a few requirements. 

1.) Ensure that you have created a backup of the device. Why?
a. For cases where you will need to rollback firmware

2.) Ensure that the licensing is applied and up-to-date

3.) Make sure you are completing this during non-business hours. Why?
a. This device requires a reboot to install

Upgrading the Firmware 

Now that you’ve completed the first three requirements you are ready to move to upgrading the firmware. 

1.) First, login into the Firewall and go to the left-hand side to Backup & Firmware 

2.) Click Firmware, and then click on the up arrow to upload the new desired firmware version 

Sophos Backup & Firmware screen image

3.) Click the Upload & Boot button to begin the Firmware installation and Upgrade 

Firmware Upgrade/Downgrade screen image

4.) The Firewall will now begin to upload the selected firmware to the device 

5.) The Firewall will reboot once completed and be on the selected firmware 

You have now finished upgrading your Sophos XG Firmware. If you are interested in learning more about Sophos contact the JSCM Group sales team today.