Social Engineering Testing

Social Engineering Testing

Social Penetration Testing

How many times have you seen a USB flash drive sitting unattended? Have you ever picked one up and used it? What happens when someone calls the help desk needing help with their password?  Does it get changed  without verifying the identity of the caller? It might seem strange that someone would use methods like these this to gain access to a secure network, but it has been happening for years.

The unfortunate reality is that many attackers will use any method available to them to gain access to sensitive and important information. Often, this is done using viruses, worms, and malware. Other times, these attackers use normal social interaction through phone calls and email correspondence to gain the information they need.



Our Social Penetration Testing gives you the insight you need to protect yourself and your clients from these attacks. By simulating a social engineering attack, our Certified Security experts determine holes, flaws, and areas in need of improvement in your business processes. And as always, our team works with you to build custom tests built around your business processes to guarantee the best possible results.



Following our testing, we will provide you with a custom, handwritten report detailing our findings and recommendations for areas of improvement.  This report will help guide you in educating your users on identifying and avoiding social penetration threats.



To find out more about our testing, or to schedule a test, contact us today.