Phishing Test Results By Industry

JSCM Group has released our 2017 Phishing Test Results by Industry Statistics.

This data is the average spear phishing test failure rate by industry over the past two years from our testing.  The data is an unbiased look at how companies fair when testing their team.  All of the data is acombnined from several different test to produce an average.

Spear Phishing test failure rate statistics by industry.

From this data we can make some assumptions.  No industry is immune.  Take a look at Managed Service Provider, a 54% failure rate.  And this was an average, the highest was 84%!  Managed Service Providers are companies many small businesses use to protect them and handle their IT security.  This data shows that they are not adequately protecting their customer data and passwords.

Medical Laboratories faired better gab most, however almost 1 out of 5 employees will give up data that can allow an attacker to get into the network to steal information.

This report echoes what we recommend, constant testing drip by drip, over time, will produce a more secure network.  Get your test today!

Spear Phishing Statistics for IT Providers, Healthcare, Architecture, Construction, Retail, Car Wash, Gas Station, Insurance, Education, and Medical Laboratory.