What We Are Reading

We often get asked what resources our team uses to stay current and what we are currently reading.  Here is a brief list of resources.  I like unconventional ways to learn and often find inspiration through odd sources.  I hope you find it useful.


Take a look at Krebs on Security.  He is a former journalist with the Washington Post and is now a freelancer.  He does a lot of writing about current trends, SPAM, and lot's of personal information.  I really like that he also covers the criminal aspects of it.  His book SPAM Nation is great too.

For industry agnostic reading I love Seth Godin.  While not security related, he does a great job with explaining ways to get your message out.


I just piked up Dan Ariely's new book Irrationally Yours.  He has a terrific way of describe human behaviors and why we act the way we do.  While not directly related to security it is helpful as a tester to read this type of information.

Another Krebs recommendation is SPAM Nation.  If you want to know why we get the junk mail this is the book for you.  Great read, informative, and insightful into the why.  He also tells you who is buying those drugs over email.

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.  Absolute must read for anyone who likes to read business books.