Cheaters Being Cheated

The puns and quips are endless after the adultery website Ashley Madison was hacked.  

I have to admit many of them are funny.  In case you aren't familiar with the dating site their tag line is "Life is Short.  Have an Affair."     I can't help but wonder how someone would explain it to their spouse.  Then again I am sure it would just be a lie.

It is very possible that the attack on this particular website was a revenge attack.  A revenge attack is where someone either personally attacks or hires someone to go after a particular company, and they are growing in popularity.  When someone is wronged or someone disagrees with a companies position they attack them to either shut their site down or steal their data.  Since Ashley Madison is a site that relies on credit cards to charge fees, stealing that information would be an ideal way to take them out.  Further, given the nature of their business it is conceivable that this was retaliation.  Someone out their may blame the site for ending their marriage or breaking up their family.

Further, I think the ramifications of this one could be greater than credit card data.  It may be more profitable for the list of users to be posted online so the clients could be outed.

It is near impossible for anyone to engage in discreat activities in todays marketplace.  There is always a list, a database, a site, or a database with your information contained in it.  It is only a matter of time before someone discovers it and tries to hack it.