JStengel Consulting is Now JSCM Group

One of the frequent questions in our sales process over the years from new prospects and leads was if we had an office.  Often followed up by our second favorite question, how many employees do we have.  These always bothered us because we knew our capabilities and the benefits of the awesome offices we occupied.  So after giving this much thought and consideration we decided to chaneg our name.

As of June 1, 2015 we are now JSCM Group.  We will always push the envelope in security theroy and logic as well as continue to pursue and hire the best security and business analysts in the industry.  We hope this new name helps foster these goals and better positions us in the eyes of our prospects. 

Over the remainder of this year we will be releasing several new offerings, expand our training class offerings, and expand our managed security business.  Additionally, we are looking to add another location before the end of the year to increase our presence in a strategic market.  We also will be expanding our Charlotte, NC Security Management and Training Center.

To all of our existing clients, we thank thank you for trusting us over the last 15 years with your network security.  And a second thank you to all of you who have reccomended us every chance you could to your contacts.  We are excited about the next 15 years.