Lids and Ketchup

Lids: Starbucks is my goto place for coffee in this area.  I spend a lot of time there for meetings, talking, hanging with my kids, whatever.  Recently Starbucks changed their lids to a clearly inferior one.  The lid is flimsy and won't pull off the cup easily without almost ripping off or it practically spilling.  I am guessing this was a cost savings measure because the last lid was just fine.  Seems like a small change, but it is very noticeable.  I have heard it discussed by more than one person at the stores.


We went to lunch for our weekly staff meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings this week, a national restaurant chain.  Not a healthy place but several people in our office like it.  While there my marketing guru and I started talking about the ketchup.  I noticed that the ketchup was generic and not the goto brand most people prefer.  They also announced they changed the drinks from one brand to another.  Small changes, but also very noticeable.

What often appears as a small change or insignificant can have a huge impact.  We had a client this week fail to renew some security services.  Well on the day the license ran out they called as internet wasn't working.  So we made temporary changes to get the access working while they renewed their software.  Well once this change kicked in they no longer wanted to renew.  Their concern was with working, not security.  So right now they effects may not be felt, they will in the long run.

The small things can have a huge impact weather we are talking customer satisfaction or the stability of a businesses systems.