Consumers Don't Care

Consumers don't care.  That was the message received from the Target financial data after the breach.

While reviewing the financial reporting from Target last week (the first report since the breach was reported) it was obvious to me that consumers don't care.  It appears they also don't even associate Target with being at fault or putting them at risk.  This is similar to a political poll in this country where it turns out Americans hate Obamacare but don't blame Obama for his signature legislation, they blame the government even though he runs the government.

The data proves a theory I have had for some time.  Consumers still flocked to Target on pace and on track with previous sales if you look at the same store sales and growth numbers.  The breach appears to of not hurt their reputation at all.  I think most people if asked would say they were concerned about it.  But when it came time to get more laundry detergent, they went to the same store as always.

Although sales were not hurt, the breach did cost $61 million in fees.  A sum most companies could not afford.  Target has enough cash on hand to handle this.  I am sure they will take the necessary steps to make it the most secure business on the streets, to avoid the fees again.

This leads me to my final thoughts.  If I go to a restaurant and get food poisoning I don't go back.  If the car wash scratches my bumper I stay away.  And if Target losing all of those credit card numbers doesn't effect me, I continue to go back.  It didn't effect me.