New vs. Existing

Should a business work to keep existing clients, win new clients, or both? The contract on my home satellite is up for renewal. I called Dish network today to see what upgrades were available if I renewed with them; their response was not welcoming. They explained if I wanted to upgrade my hardware and service it was going to cost me a lot in fees. Then I would need to purchase a protection plan in order to get the install for free! In short, my service costs were going to double simply to stay with them. The specials I saw advertised on TV were for new clients only. The message I heard was, call a competitor to get a deal.

This is common in a lot of businesses. They work hard to win new business then never work to maintain existing clients. Pricing stays the same even though almost all costs drop over time. These savings are not passed down to existing clients. Why is this so common?

We have never been late with Dish on a payment. We order Pay Per View movies from time to time. We are a known quantity with them; yet we were given the cold shoulder.

In another story this week, I called a local roofing company to quote a new roof, GHC Roofing. He not only came right out to quote it, he said I didn't need one. Just a few repairs were needed for minimal cost. He could have easily quoted me a new roof but didn't. I am not an existing client of his. This type of integrity is rare. Not only did I trust him, I will tell anyone I meet. This smaller company understands the value of a client.

Good luck to you Dish. We made our decision. Netflix and Amazon Prime are a lot cheaper than you.