Great coffee chains make sure your experience is the same in any city anywhere you go.  The service, the environment, and the taste.  This experience is the result of trial and error, trying this and that, and having the courage to start a process from scratch. If you have several locations, maintaining consistent security protocols across these locations is critical.  You cannot have a strict web blocking policy at one site and relaxed in another.  Since all locations are connected this will lead to an eventual problem.

The problem could be as major as a security breach or as minor as employee resentment because one person can get on Facebook and another cannot.

McDonalds perfected replication.  They lead the way in the movement to take an idea, package it, and reproduce in volume.  This is what all businesses should expect from their IT departments.  Consistent security procedures at each site regardless of local hurdles.  This is hard work, it takes extra effort in the beginning.  But once the desired template is achieved your costs drop and the work goes away.