The Fear of Testing

Many people have a fear of testing.  Maybe this goes back to our days in school.  Studying all week and worrying that you will mix up the letters on the word Neighbor during the spelling test, is it I before E or E before I?  But it has an A sound...What rule applies then?

In business not testing gives you the appearance of freedom.  You don't know anything is wrong so why worry?  It is business as usual.  If we test our security we might find something and put a stop to our flywheel.  If we audit our tax returns we could find that we may have messed up a deduction.

This fear causes inaction.  Not testing permits inaction.  Why would you correct something you don't know is wrong?

In reality freedom is born of knowing.  Once you have tested to make sure the process is sound, you can build from there.  Only then can you truly fulfill your mission.

Security doesn't stop a flywheel.  It multiplies it's speed.  Get your businesses security tested.  An attack is what stops a flywheel, not the test.