In The Details

There is no single product I can purchase to have a great lawn.  No one product to kill the weeds and fertilize that will last me all year.  Waiting on the rain will not promote healthy growth.  Neither will four weeks of constant rain.

Recently in Charlotte, NC we had about four months worth of rain in three weeks.  Everyday, downpour after downpour.  The result was my lawn developed a fungus and started to turn brown.  Everyone says lawns need water, yet mine appeared dead in the middle of a wet summer.

Network security works the same way.  Doing a single security project for a couple of weeks does not make you secure forever.  It helps secure your assets now, but what network doesn’t change in a year?  A Month?  A Week?  In fact, doing a single “Security Project” and ending all secure initiatives makes you less secure.  We get lulled into a sense of security thinking that we did that one project and now we are good to go.

Network security is in the details.  It isn’t a single action, a single purchase, or a single assessment that makes you secure.  It is a continuous process to perfect.  Much like my lawn, it is detail after detail over time that makes it great.  All rain at once does me zero good, it just leads to new problems.