Governments Controlling Internet Access

If the IRS can be used against Americans as a way to disrupt free speech imagine the power the US Government could have if it had an internet kill switch. Using the IRS to target your enemies is illegal - and yet it was done. So this theory is no longer a far fledged idea. The idea floating around Washington is the federal government would have the ability to kill internet access to protect the USA from a major cyber attack under the premise of national security. But this same switch could be used to target specific businesses. An attack could be directed at someone who disagreed with a President. Or who missed a tax payment. Or someone suing the US Justice department.

Giving power to a politician, any politician, needs to be kept in check. I don't care what political party you are affiliated with. This topic needs to be discussed. We need the power to control the politicians in a expedited fashion. So good people are not hurt when one gets power drunk.

I believe we need to protect our country from physical and virtual threats. I believe this is the obligation of a government, its primary obligation (grants and pork projects are not). We need to come up with a plan that protects us from abusive government.

Some people will be mad at me for writing this. Others will agree. Either way we need to protect our businesses from government as much as from an attacker. What has occurred in this country is appalling.