You are Smarter than Microsoft

In a recent interview Bill Gates said that people will eventually leave Apple and Android devices and start using Microsoft tablets.  One of the reasons he stated was Microsoft Office.  He feels that people will move back for that reason.  He should realize that those days are gone.  Products like Pages exist now for a fraction of the price.  Maybe Microsoft should consider adding Office apps for Android and iOS.  This is further proof of how out of touch this company is.  The arrogance in his remark is incredible. The truth is we don't know what we will see in 3 years.  There will be a third player in the mobile market but it will not be Microsoft.  Innovative products show up one day, unexpectedly.  They change the world.  No one ever sees them coming.  But there are people out there with a passion for something.  Working diligently to see their vision through.

Behemoth companies always miss out on change.  Look at the last major innovation is water heaters.  It didn't come from GE, or Whirlpool.  It came from a company no one heard of, Rinnai.  Now others are catching up.

Microsoft has almost unlimited money, and they don't know how to innovate anymore.  Vanderbilt had almost unlimited money too, but he didn't use it to perfect air travel.

GM had more money than Tesla, but Tesla set the bar in electric cars.

Don't waste your talents looking for work with these monster companies.  They will crush your skills and your spirit.  Figure out your passion, create something, and let the big firms chase you.  They need you more than you need them.