Keeping Software Simple

I had the opportunity this week to have a very interesting conversation with a client regarding why computers can’t just be easy and less of a focus on her business.  The topic wasn’t what we were scheduled to talk about but it just started while waiting on a person to join us.  Our scheduled talk was going to be focused on security and disaster recovery.

Her comments were very poignant and I thought it would be interesting to share ideas from her seat.  Here is a summary. 

  • She doesn’t want to think about computers.  She just wants her employees to be able to work and access data.
  • Features and benefits don’t matter.  It just needs to work and quickly.
  • She doesn’t want to see any error messages on a screen.  If something needs updating it should just update.  They have important work to do.
  • Why in todays world do hard drives still crash.  There should be a better way to store information.

I think she gets rid of all the junk and gets straight to the point.  It really makes you wonder what software designers are thinking when they make this stuff.  I used to think my iPad was the way to go for many things.  While it fits the simple qualification, I am sick of every day some App needing an update.  If Google Chrome can update without bugging people why can’t these silly apps?