Considerations When Moving to Cloud

WatchGuard recently unveiled their top security predictions for 2012.  This list has been pretty accurate over the years.  One of them that jumped off the page to me was this: A major cloud provider will suffer a significant security breachCloud Computing brings chance of malware-storms This echo’s one of the items I teach on in our Security Practice class.  There is an increased “blindness” when companies move data and servers to the cloud.  Companies have little or no control over these servers so your security is 100% dependent on someone else’s security practice.

Don’t confuse cloud companies with being technical companies.  They are sale sbased organizations.  While a lot of the services are now and will continue to be secure.  There is a rapid adoption of new businesses popping up and without proper testing.

If you are looking to move your data to the cloud make sure you do your due diligence and properly vet these service providers.  And never give up the keys to your company without having complete access to control who has access.  Doing so blindly is playing with fire.