Where are all your eggs stored?

In my experience very few executives, weather IT or otherwise, know where all their data is stored.  I do not mean this to sound insulting or judgmental.  The reason executives don’t know is that this information is rarely properly documented.  This is a scary thing.  We recently have been involved with a few clients in “getting control” of their IT assets after some turnovers and it is very costly.  Wrangling all of this in is always a challenging and time consuming task. My advice to any executive that is responsible for IT or other digital assets, is to take time to understand all of the areas where your data resides and make sure that the data is protected and backed up.  There is nothing worse than not knowing something when you are thrown into a situation when you have to know.  These situations could be from employee turnover to employee termination.  Getting access ahead of time is basic continuity planning and needs to be as the top priority for any organization.