International Considerations - Part II

So with the recent blocking of VPN (read blocking of company data) traffic in Pakistan announced, I thought of a question for businesses operating in that region.  What are you doing to block Pakistan and these countries from accessing your data?  That is to say, what security measures have you put in place to protect your company intellectual property? Copyrights, trademarks, and patents don’t necessarily mean much across borders.  The countries you operate in need to back the rights you hold for them to mean anything internationally.  Several countries are known for, if not for endorsing but, not enforcing protected products and IP.

Ask yourself one question; is my company data safe when it leaves the country I am based in?  This same question holds true weather you are US based or based in Argentina, Brazil, or South Africa.  When devices leave your borders you need to maintain privacy and control.  If not employees accessing your office could very well be the target of snooping.