My Switch from BlackBerry

I have recently switched from a BlackBerry to an Android phone.  Since I have been with BlackBerry for 7 years I thought maybe it was time to see what all the buzz was about.  So here is my secure review summary. While I do see the appeal of having apps on the phones and the accessibility of information.  I have to say the security is atrocious.  Simple settings to protect the phone are just not there.  I can easily hack around all of the security and extract information.  Also it seems so much more complex with Google wanting to force you into their world like wanting you to create a Gmail account.  One example is an employee of ours setup his Gmail account in seconds.  While these features are beneficial to some I really don’t see the appeal in business.

If your company has mobile security concerns stay tuned to this BLOG for an upcoming event as part of the security blueprint series.