Rising Tides in the Mobile World

I read a post by someone recently that had me a bit perturbed.  It was in reference to the new features coming out in Apple’s iCloud service.  The writer said that everything is over for Rim now that Apple has this service.  It was written in a way that was almost cheering their demise on.   I almost snapped back and said why did it take Apple so long to do what Rim did 12 years ago?  Stephanie set me straight though, you can’t convince a Yankee fan that the Red Sox are a good team too. The comment was shallow and showed obvious bias.  It was probably written by someone who was just bursting with excitement at the new service.  It was also ignorant in that if it wasn’t for Rim the iPhone wouldn’t be where it is today.  And in 5 years if it wasn’t for the iPhone the next hot phone won’t be where it is.  I don’t want any company in the mobile space to go under.  I believe a rising tide lifts all boats and healthy competition is ultimately good for the consumer.   

I also don’t really have a favorite in this space.  My concerns are mainly how these foreign devices are going to affect internal security at the enterprise level. 

My question for anyone in the market is what security is built into any of these platforms?  Rim has done a phenomenal job of security up until this point and I hope that trend continues.  I also hope that track record is forcing Apple engineers to equal or exceed that level of security.  Android isn’t doing such a hot job so far but my gut is that will change soon.  Open source is great in theory but not a good idea in the case of mobile security where most people have zero protection.