All the Risks Run Together

If you are like most people trying to keep up with who was breached and hacked today can be a lot to keep up with.  There seems to be more cyber break-ins than ever.  Today Just looking through some online resources who report on attacks we have Sony (again), Honda of Canada, PBS, Google Android, Apple, and Gmail for starters.  All of those are household names and most likely you are tied to one or more of them.  Heck my kids are probably at risk too because of PBS (the only good thing on PBS is the kids programming). So with all this news what do you do?  Do you react and aggressively start changing passwords?  Do you stop working with these companies?  Or do you do nothing?

Any of these have pros and cons you could weigh.  The first two are both good ideas but with the increasingly high profile attacks they are not always practical.

I am however growing concerned over the last option, do nothing.  I think this is going to become the action most people take.  Just like when my Grandpa Don and I start talking (read arguing) about politics my Grandma just waives her arm and tunes us out, giving us very little attention.  At the end of our conversation neither of us has changed our opinions and nothing will change.  Although I want to believe my Grandma is now on my side.

I could spend every day writing about this breach or that one and most people will just tune me out.  When I go to meet with clients I could find the ”Hack of the Day” and use that to try and sell more firewalls.  Burt the reality is it probably won’t because people are tired of it.

Remember TJ Maxx?  Well I can tell you most people have forgotten and their stores are performing well based on the last time Stephanie made me go in there.

Let me know your thoughts.  Tomorrow's topic will be what to do about it.