Company Profiles

Of these two profiles pick which one you want to work for.  Pick which one you want to do business with.  Pick which one sounds more intriguing.  Which one do you think has areal future?  Don;t mistake profits today for future success.  That is fatal, ask Lehmen Brothers or Morgan Stanley.  Email me your thoughts on this topic, I think this is interesting and makes a great analogy for security.

Profile 1 – The Coaster

Company A is a successful retailer that has been around for 75 years.  They have had tremendous success reaching out to their client’s and building a great reputation.  They pride themselves on all the stores looking uniformed, delivering a great product, and a competitive price point.  The executives of this company are three generations old.  Many employees are hired simply because of a family member or friend.  They are focused on maintaining the success they have and investing in technology that is understood by its IT staff.  Ongoing training is not necessary and not even requested of the IT department.  They are very happy.  As long as the stores are running smoothly they have met their SLA.

Profile 2 – The Upstart

Company B was started by a small investment group.  They have not experienced success yet but are committed to building a great brand.  They have decided that their retail stores will be unique and tailored to the individual communities they serve. They lead and manage the company based off of the next wave of innovation.  They invest heavily in training and new technologies while hiring experts to make sure they are done right.  They hire great system administrators with a passion for driving the technology forward.  They don’t have an SLA because their goal is excellence and they don’t worry about the minimums only the maximums.