Protecting the Little Things

One of my interests is in identity theft protection.  This isn’t exactly related to my job so I guess you could call this a hobby.  I am working on speaking engagements regarding this to local churches and groups.  There is a lot of crossover in the two industries. One example is in crumbs of information.  Let’s say I give you my wallet; that would be easy to steal my identity.  But let’s say you have my name, we start talking one day and you ask me my birthday, you ask what school my kids go to, etc.  Individually these items are useless.  Together they can be devastating.

In business I have your company name, I can call and speak with the receptionist and most likely get the D&B number of the company, I can call back and get the name of the partners, and another call could go directly to one of the partners verifying information so we can finalize the change in the credit line.  Four phone calls and a brief morning of work and I have secured the business identity.

Privacy has to be drilled into the company, deep down at its core.  No compromises ever.  And how is this accomplished?  By training everyone, employees and management.  Not with a brief free seminar once.  A consistent training program that is remembered and repetitive.  We can all get sloppy.

Take a look at this video from 60 Minutes with identity theft expert John Sileo.